Milling Cutters


The first milling cutter sold by Wesson over 60 years ago started a tradition of quality which is still continuing today. During those 60 years VR/Wesson has been a major influence on milling technology. In 1954 Vascoloy-Ramet Corporation revolutionized milling when they introduced the first throw-away insert. Those inserts were quickly applied to milling and two years later the first Wesson indexable insert milling cutter was introduced. In 1961, Vascoloy-Ramet Corporation and Wesson Tool Company joined to form VR/Wesson. This combined Vascoloy-Ramet's expertise in carbide indexable inserts with Wesson's exceptional line of milling cutters. Since 1961, VR/Wesson has continued to develop its carbide milling inserts and their milling cutters. The newest additions to the line are shown on pages 7 & 8. These cutters have been proven under production conditions and have demonstrated a quality and performance consistent with VR/Wesson's rigorous standards.


VR/Wesson's line of standard face mills is broad enough to provide an excellent solution for most face milling operations. Our cutters include the patented high positive Whisker-Cut, double negative, double positive and negative-positive cutters in standard sizes from 4" to 16" diameters. They are available with cam-pin system to provide axial locating for the inserts or with VR/Wesson's rapid-set operation.