Tantung Cutting Tools

Tantung Cutting Tools

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About Tantung

Tantung is a cast alloy cutting tool material composed principally of chromium, tungsten, columbium and carbon in a cobalt matrix. These elements combined in the proper proportions and cast in chill molds give Tantung its most important characteristic - the ability to retain its cutting hardness at red heat temperatures up to 1500°F. It is neither high speed steel nor carbide. It is unique.

Tantung has a high transverse rupture strength, low coefficient of friction and excellent resistance to corrosion. It is tough, readily absorbs shock and impact and is non-magnetic . . . it likes to work. As a cutting tool, it is ideal for all turning, facing, boring, milling and cut-off applications on nearly every type of metal and non-metallics. Tantung performs best as speeds of 100-250 SFPM and can be used as an excellent advantage on machines where speed, power and rigidity are limited. In addition, it will not anneal or lose its cutting edge as will H.S.S. when subjected to high-red heats generated during the cutting cycle.

Tantung G is recommended for general purpose machining of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals and general woodworking operations. For catalog items, Tantung’s G Hardness is 60 to 63 Rockewell C and Transverse Rupture Strength is 300,000 psi minimum.