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Our Services

If you have questions, please call or email our sales department.

PCD / CBN / Carbide Resharpening

Old inserts can be resharpened with our Ewag and EasyGrind machines and used again. Saving you money on new tips!

PCD / CBN Retip

Our brazing department can remove old PCD / CBN tips, and replace them with new tips. Saving you money on the carbide bodies.

Cutting Tool Honing

Strengthen the edge of the insert for harder applications.

Quick Deliveries

We offer fast, flexible, on-time deliveries for your company's needs. If you need a part delivered fast, we offer quick turn around options.

Blanket Orders

Standard orders can be shipped regularly to ensure your machines never go down!

In-House Coatings

Most of our coatings are done in-house so your product can ship fast and save you money.

Specialty Cutting Tools

If you have a product that is not standard, we can manufacture it with a provided print or sample insert. We use the newest AutoCAD software to draw new prints or modify provided prints to ensure complete accuracy.

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Phone: (239) 573-5132
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